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After being a freakin vegetable all weekend, I got back at it today.

Mon: grappling at 9 am, standup at 6 pm, sparring 7-8. Hard work but fun as shit. The guys have figured out that they can hit me lol. All they throw is the blitz so I'm going to work on having that rising block come up in that microsecond, which is harder than it sounds.
Tue: ground fighting drills, I learned to shrimp out, escape from mount into half guard, hook one foot, push the other knee down and get into closed guard, complicated. Also that drill with the weird name where you turn on your hip, go up on your shoulder and pass your arm across your body. Like you were getting out of a keylock.
Wed: ran 2.5 miles and rode the bike for 15 minutes in the morning. This afternoon I lifted arnold press, seated row, assisted tricep dip, shrugs, chest press and rear delts. I kind of scrambled up my muscle groups. I won't be lifting tomorrow because I'll try to run in the morning and there's MMA at night.
Thur: ran 4 miles, lifted bi's and tri's. I lifted b/c I don't think I can go to MMA due to freakin soccer and lord and master golfing.
Fri: Grappling at 10 am, sparring from 6-7:30. Still getting used to fighting sport karate fighters. fun though, lots of fun.
Sat: Standup and ground striking 10:15-11:30.

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