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Originally Posted by fr0stm0rn View Post
nope im 186, i have muscle and im dropping weight. im starting to get cut all over. dont forget i got trainers for mma class so i talk to them and they tell me shit.
They are MMA trainers, not nutritionists. I don't think there is much wrong with what you are eating, besides the obvious lack of carbs, but the amount.

Originally Posted by fr0stm0rn View Post
the suggest what i can and cant eat. so dont think im a fat ass or anything like that. i eat light because for almost 2 years i was slimming down so my stomach shrank.
What does that have to do with fueling yourself properly to train? I'm not suggesting you go try to eat an entire cheescake.

Originally Posted by fr0stm0rn View Post
its not like im trying not to eat anything with protien and good calories.. also im watching the portion size, i aint eating some big ******* subways sandwiches... its not rocket science.
No it is not. Your body needs food to fuel itself, and I don't think you are getting enough with your level of training. How many calories do you average a day?

Originally Posted by fr0stm0rn View Post
how about suggest something to me im 5'10 186lbs what do you recommend as far as food goes cuz so far everything has been good.
5'10 and 186 isn't big. How much lighter are you planning to get?

I recommend you eat more. If you can eat as little as you are currently and keep up the training regime you are on now without overtraining, good for you. I don't think you can.
I've eaten more in one sitting than you have in the past two days with ease, and I am not a big guy. It just seems like way too little, even if you are cutting.

Also, you saying things like that you used to munch straight after training but don;t anymore make me question the level of your knowledge about nutrition. Just because you speak to a few trainers means nothing. I don't listen to jackass trainers tell me I need to bring the bar down to my nipples when I bench for instance. Being a trainer or working at a gym doesn't really mean much, a lot of those guys have some stupid ideas.

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