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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
The Hollywood version with Sting playing Feyd and directed by David Lynch sucks monkey balls how badly they f#cked up the book.

While not perfect but much better than the original movie- the Dune mini-series that the Sci-fi channel made is much better at following the story without massive changes. It's a 3 disc set(the director's cut) but you can probably find it at a discount store for pretty cheap.

Generally I really don't like movie versions of books it's really had to condense a book's plot into a visual medium like film but some do a pretty decent job.
Exactly. Most ofthe time I would rather read the book. At least first. I love the Lord of The Rings movies, but the books blow them away of course. They just have so much more contained in the pages than a movie ever can. I actually know someone who is about to sell that Dune movie set at a yard sale. I may call them and see if i can pick it up since i have never gotten to see it.

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