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OK several things before I go to punish the treadmill:

1) I liked the painterly sets and costumes in the Dune movie, but that was about it. Sting sucked. I loved the miniseries. I think it's what made me want to start weapons training lol.

2) The miniseries of the Shining was much truer to the book, and for that reason I can forgive any of its other flaws, like the dreadful miscasting of a chipmunk as Danny. The movie still has merit though IMO, due to Kubrick's signature and unbelievable use of light and shadow.

3) Whose idea was it to make Starship Troopers a camp, comic book pastiche anyway? Did they write it around Casper Van Dien's total lack of talent?

4) Interview with the Vampire is another excellent example of a good book totally ruined by Hollywood idiots.

5) Sophie Kinsella (English chick book author) has to write some heavier tomes if she's going to share my name.

Sorry for the double post; bumping this thread.

I'm reading Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith, the guy who wrote Gorky Park. He had to have lived in Russia, or make continual extended visits, because his knowledge of pre-and post-glasnost Russia seems boundless.

I'm a total Arkady Renko mark. I love that character. I also read Havana Bay, the Polar Star, Red Square, and of course Gorky Park, which are also Arkady Renko books.

Highly recommend.

But I'm still going to wallow in more Chuck Palahniuk craziness this summer, no doubt.

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