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Originally Posted by showermanUK View Post
Two eggs is nothing!!!

I would say a bowl of oats, maybe 4-5 whites and a piece of fruit..preferably bananas...Complex carbs, Protein and Potassium all rolled into one meal...YUM!

I find it hard taking a lot of small meals throughout the day. Does anybody have any food lans that I can work from? I prefer chicken and steaks, any potato or veg, Im allergic to nuts and dont like fish whatsoever...

If you can help with a meal plan that would be cool!!

Im glad people reply to my posts, in other forums people just read and ignore...seems like ive hit the jackpot with this one! Thanks everybody.
ignore TheNegation hes a f***ing joke im not even acknowledging him.. i just see him complaining to everyone doing wrong about everything swearing his god around here, not even giving advice.. probably cuz hes a keyboard barbarian with high post counts (WOW...). you eat about the same i do i donno where the **** he got the idea i eat 2 eggs in the morning.. i change my food every now and then but 2 eggs in the morning every day is insane...
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