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Originally Posted by FamusRiteHook
You guys all have excellent pointers and techniques but you know when you step into the ring or the cage or wutever, its all instinct and its all on the fighter, I hope you and your fighter best of luck, hope you guys train hard, if your buddy has good stamina, more the better to train for striking and ground game..personally i enjoy the thai clinche very much it has worked on more than a few opponents in my experience. Get him to work the thai clinche and make sure his forearms are against his opponents chest and you his opponents movement to sprawl, feed the knees to the face and side step him into a rib breaking knee to the ribs..

perfect example...

Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin
yeah I already taught him all the different types of clinches because ive been drilling foot sweeps with him and the success of the foot sweep relys on the off balancing as well as for setting up any take down. I also taught him how to escape the thai clinch and use it to his advantage. like the tomo nage video.

Your right it comes down to instinct in the ring but thats why you drill repitition so much so that when you get in the ring the moves are instinct

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