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K-1 Founder Master Ishii Publishes Autobiography

While Master Ishii was serving time at Shizuka Jail House, he was writing one "letter" per week, and in the Japanese can, there are strict rules of no more than seven pages per week. Therefore he spent three pages to give instructions to his associates in regards to business operations and another four pages writing about his life.

He also read many novels by Toyoko Yamazaki and Jiro Asada so his writing soon became more narrative. During his year and two months stay behind bars, Master Ishii delivered more than sixty "letters" and these were all typed into the computer by his secretary.

At this launch party held at Aoyama Diamond Hall, it was packed with many power players not only in the fight business but also entertainment business as well. Besides known faces like Akira Maeda, Masakatsu Funaki, Sanae Kikuta, Tsuyoshi "TK" Kosaka, Genki Sudo, and Yoshihiro Akiyama, there were famous names like Chairman Tatsuo Kawamura of K-Dash, President Ikuo Suhou of Burning Productions, President Toru Kenjo of Gentosha Publishing, Chairman Hidetoshi Yamamoto of Fields, President Hiroshi Rino of Saison Card International, and Yasuyuki Nambu, the head of Persona Group.

All of them are listed as "promoters" of this autobiography and it was clear that even after checking into the can for tax evasion charges, a web of Master Ishii's personal connections are still firmly rooted in Japan's fight, entertainment and media industries.

Does this mean Master Ishii is finally making a comeback in the front stage of the Japanese fight industry?

Master Ishii apparently has a different idea, "I would like to go back to my first objective and start all over again. Basically I will not be making any announcements in the K-1 ring nor serving as a broadcasting commentator."

Master Ishii, for now, is focusing on establishing a K-1 amateur division, "From now on I would like to expand the K-1 amateur competition to the world stage. Just like FIFA in soccer or IOC of the Olympic Games, I would like to form a Federation of International K-1 and would like to set the headquarters in Andy Hug's home country, hopefully in Geneva or Zurich. I've done K-1 shows in Switzerland so I have solid connections there. At first I will head the organization but soon after I will hand it over to someone else. I have so many things I want to do in K-1. Tomorrow I am going to Paris and onto Greece. When I come back, I will provide you with more information."

His book is titled, "Karate Baka Cho Ichi-dai" (by Bungei Shunjun) which is sort of a parody of a famous comic book based on the life of Kyokushin Karate founder Masu Oyama, "Karate Baka Ichi-dai". It means literally translated "A Life of a Karate Fanatic" and Master Ishii's autobiography title is adding just one word "Cho" which means "Super" so it's called "A Life of a Super Karate Fanatic."

Article found at

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