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Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Wow, I haven't even been a dick to you. However I had I'd probably have pointed out that going onto an internet forum to ask for advice and not only ignoring what people were telling you, but refusing to even engage with them in a discussion is pretty stupid. If I was being a dick I'd tell you the amount you are eaitng isn't going to get you anywhere but burned out and your use of terms like "toned" and "cut" and referral to your massage course nutrition classes paint you as a complete ******* newcomer to the training world, which I guess isn't surprising wince you started doing MMA a month ago and used to weigh 300lbs. In short, **** you(sorry tox, I lasted as long as I could) if you are going to come on here looking for adivce and throw it back in the face of people who give it to you when you don't like what you hear.

Oh and where did I get it from? Hmm, lets see

Oh I guess I am not being fair, sometimes you have broc and carrots

From the thread you posted.
throw it back?? who have i thrown it back to. know what peace, im sorry.... lets just drop it dude. i dont wanna get banned for dumb reasons, this is a good forum.. my bad, i apologize.. sorry to the admins also.. on topic. so whats good work outs with a medicine ball cuz i bought one today, 12 pounds.

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