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Mon 6-22: partner pad work followed by sparring (offensive/defensive, then continuous, all 1-minute matches, it was an intense interval workout.
Tue: Standup bag work, ground strikes on the bag from side control and north-south, then partner drills trying to break guard, strike, sweep etc. Drained afterward. I need to run this week also. Given the intense nature of Mondays, Tuesday is probably always going to be an easier day, however.
Wed: My lazy ass sat by the pool.
Thur: 2 mile run, 15 min bag work, 20 min. bike. Fail.
Thursday night: Rescued my day from complete fail by 1/2 hour of pad work and armbar, armbar to triangle, and armbar to triangle to locking someone up when they try to posture up drills. AWESOME!
Fri: 80 min. interval sparring. The sport karate approach is so weird, running and counterpunching, shuffling back and forth with their hands down, looks like the guys are grabbing their nads. Competition schools get a little heavy but everybody was nice and remembered the importance of rei.
Sat.: 3 mile run, 15 minutes bike. I made progress sparring this week but it was a pathetic week for running. I have to fix this.

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