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Went to a walk in clinic yesterday. Doctor had actually never done anything like this before and was kind of puzzled. I just explained it to him then he wiped it with some rubbing alcohol, jabbed it with the syringe and sucked a sizable amount of blood out of my ear. Just told me to keep pressure on it.

Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 30
2 - 24
3 - 21
4 - 22
5 - 23
Total - 120

Improved on last week quite well. Though I felt like I didn't do well, turns out I'm just 4 off from my current best.

I'm not liking the beta alanine anymore. I feel nauseous as hell.

Going to try to hit up Muay Thai + MMA Classes tonight, see how the day works out.
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