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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
That's a fair point, but he struggled against a lot of the guys who really ran the sport.

If you look at guys like Monson, who's not as good a grappler as Arona, one of the reasons he's had success is that he's figured out how to translate his game.

He was definitely a top ten fighter when he was active, but he struggled with Shogun and lost to Rampage. He only really has two wins over top ten 205ers, as far as I'm concerned, and those are the wins over Alistair (who's status was low top ten, if he was in there at all) and the win over Wanderlei (which was really impressive, though he really should've finished Wanderlei, since no one else did during that time frame, it's hard to hold it against him).

That sentence kind of sells Arona short, but what I'm trying to explain is that he was never really as dominant in MMA as he was in grappling, and a large part of that is that his point-style grappling wasn't necessarily suited for MMA the way that Demian Maia's game is.

Me too, which is why I'm glad he's fighting in a little show, probably against a no name. Shake the ring rust off.
Somebody once said that you can give a good excuse for every loss Arona had.
Fedor - He did very well, many people think he won, and it's FEDOR.
Rampage - He was winning the fight and was knocked out with an illegal headbutt.
Shogun - he was tired after going the distance with Wand.
Wand - split decision. Could have gone either way.
Sokky - Arona had Dengue fever

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)
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