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Squat 6,6,6 @ 225lbs
Bench 6,6,5 @ 75lbs
Deadlift 6,6,6 @ 225lbs
Chin Up 6,6,5 @ B/W + 10lbs

+20lbs to squats and deadlifts over last workout a month or so ago. + 5lbs to bench and weighted chin ups. Early failure on bench and chins, will finish em next week.

My weight is suprisingly low right now at 205lbs. I've had some slacking in the diet region since the day that was suppossed to be my fight. Have drank a few times. I'm starting to feel the desire to get back into things seriously. I leaned out my diet like whoa recently. Strongly considering dropping to fighting weight of 185, and a walk around weight of 195-200. I should have an easier time finding an opponent at a lower weight class, and let me tell you, if I keep my strength and shave off a little bit more weight, I'll be completely ******* ripped.
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