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Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post
So I was talking to my dad and my brother who don't know much about MMA and they think that the best fighters in the military special forces like the Green Barrets would win in a fight to the death against the best MMA fighters in the world. The rules would be one vs one with no weapons in a cage or ring. Other than that, no rules.
I think even the worst pro mma fighters would win.
One of my training partners is a Navy Seal. Those guys are badass. That said, they train for weapons fighting a lot of the time. Without the weapons, one on one, it's hard to take an MMA guy (of course, if you can gouge the eyes and kick him in the groin, it's a little different).

That said, the worst pro MMA fighters are terrible. Seriously, google Scott Blevins.

Also, they think that there are Shaolin Monks who would beat any fighter in the world cause they have secret moves and have been fighting for thousands of years and some BS like that. Imagine Fedor vs any Monk haha. It's cause the damn history channel and other programs like that talk about how great the Monks are and stuff and people buy into it. There's no secret moves that paralyze people in one shot or any BS like that.
I would take MMA fighters over Shaolin monks all day long. The monks are great athletes, but they aren't training for combat in the same way that MMA fighters are, and their techniques lack practical application in many scenarios.

Muay thai fighters have consistently destroyed representatives of shaolin systems, and I have a feeling MMA fighters would handle it similarly.

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