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BJJ. Showed up a bit late and missed the warmup. Technique was armbarring. Dave reminded me about a little trick where you're about halfway into getting an armbar, you lock a guard so to speak around them to keep their posture broken. Then you bring your leg over and finish. Should help me land armbars. Did decent in guard passes. Didn't get passed and landed a sweep.

In advanced we worked from the mount again. Learned a new kind of mount that's basically to set up an arm bar. From mount your putting a knee next to their head and the opposite leg comes up to a foot against their ribs. From there you can work for a collar choke to set up an armbar. Gotta remember as I armbar to lean away, towards their legs, so that I can have the armbar locked in before I'm pulling back. You're an idiot to armbar from mount if you have a low % finish on it.

Did pretty well in rolling. First roound I finished with that very armbar from the mount setup we learned. Always nice pulling off something you just learned. Second rolls I was mostly stuck in side control and half guard. Usual problems with this guy. I had sometime in guard, but definitely lost the round. Next round was with a blue belt girl thats always a tough roll. I barely contained and managed to keep her back or mount for most of the round. Finished with an armbar from back which I don't think I've ever done before. Next round was back and forth. I somehow pulled off a wicked sweep out of side control that must have been alot of luck. Was also caught in mount but defended an ezekiel. Eventually won with a collar choke from mount.

Good rolls. I was sore as shit today from the squats but did fine.

I got told by one of the boss figures that to get a fight I should talk to Kajan about fighting in Bellingham. Also told me I need to start showing up at the fortress. After this week I'm going to Ontario for a week to visit family. Once I'm back I'll be in full swing and will start sparring sessions again.
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