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well as someone who tried out for the police academy a few months ago for the Nashville Airport Police department I got some advice...

Most police departments are more concerned about your mental status and put more emphisis on the actual written test.. In alot of places a decent showing on the physical is all that is needded as long as you pass the written... For me it went like this..

On the physical portion of the exam I did pretty good top two or 3 of every physical test except the mile and a half run... I was like 5th out of 12 taking the test. there were people who beat me onthe physical stuff over all but failed the written.. they did not get to go onto the interview portion of the qualifications...
Over all it was a pretty tough test. partly cause I was not really ready for the physical side.. I had not really been working out in almost 1.5 years at that point.. had a new baby in the house not getting much sleep and all plus man it was brutally hot that day... but just learn from the test if you do not get selected the first time I was in a situation where 12 people were trying out for only two positions. I came in 3rd.. Oh well but mind you this was for an airport police department not a city or twon.. they usually take more people the airport is very selective about who they take.. they wanted me to try out again in 6 month I have about 2 to go not sure if I am gonna do it depends on how things are going come then..

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