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Hey Ironman.. long time...

Here is another great peice of advice too for training in different styles.. learn anything anyone is will to teach you... even if you think it is useless at the time.. you never know what the future holds...

Also on instructors... some really great old time instructors out there.. a problem with some of these they beleive thier way is the best other styles have no place... when they say that.. don't argue nod your head and learn.. these types are usually not always.. masters in thier art for a reason.. its all they ever studied... and for many it is thier way of life.. they have alot to teach learn learn closely.. but do not be afraid to take other styles as well.. and try to avoid similar styles... while you'll look good in both and possibly excel in both.. its because your not really learning anything new... Example.. My best freind and one of my instructors holds black belts in two styles.. 3rd degree in Tang Soo Do and a 2nd degree in Ishinryu (sp?)karate... both have alot of similar aspects.. both are hard form and stress damaging blocks, punishing strikes and hard body training styles.. their tests are for belting are very similar at alot of the levels thier Katas are very similar with some slight varations while this sounds impressive.. my freaind has one fatal flaw... He is like a fish out of water when it comes to grappling.. so if your going to take a for instance a 2nd striking style look for something very diffeent.. say.. Tai Chi or something or even take altenate grappling styles.. there are alot of ways to train and lots of different styles..

Last peice of advice.. don't try to keep your styles different.. as I have stated I have trained to various levels about 15 differnt art forms.. but if you were to ask me to show you something from just a single one I'd have a hard time.. I have made them all a part of MY style. I could not seperate them if I wanted too or even if I had too. It will make you the best you can be.

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