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Originally Posted by Guy View Post
It was Inoki vs. Ali and Ali got his legs kicked into shit.

My point isn't about wrestlers and stuff. It's about Tyson being a crazy mofo and even if he got LnP then what? He would've eventually gotten up and unleashed some devastating blows.
ummmmmmmmmm no. your wrong. He wouldn't get up. He would get KO'd or submitted on the ground easily.

Do you guys really think some dude in the military is gonna beat fedor in a fight to the death? A fight to the death isnt THAT much different then an MMA fight. Adding groin kicks and eye gouging doesnt change the sport THAT much. The MMA guys know of those moves, they just dont do them cause they arn't allowed. Even a Jitz champion would kill them. He would take him down and choke him out till he died.

300th post!

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