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This is ridiculous, the Navy SEALs and US Marines are not successful at what they do because of superior eye gouging and groin kicking techniques. A second grader can eye gouge and kick someone in the balls, its really not too difficult.

Ask a Marine or Navy SEAL how many hours they spent on training eye gouging and groin shots, it is going to be a very short period of time, why? Because that is not a very big focus for the military, they would much rather use their rifle, sidearm, or knife(s), also because it is not very hard to pick up on. The MMA guys would be able to kick someone in the balls just as easy as a guy in the military would, except they will most likely be kicking much much harder.

Now ask Fedor how long he trained that lead left hook that ruined the lives of Gary Goodridge, Sylvia, and many others. If they both knew they were about to fight each other (no sneak attact stuff) Fedor would land that lead left before the military guy could even lift his leg for the groin shot, and don't even start with the eye gouge bullshit, good luck getting in close enough for that against one of the best fighters in the world (and never forget the MMA guy can do it as well). Just think about A.Sliva and a Navy SEAL both doing groin shots to start off their FIGHT TO THE DEATH RARRR, who is gonna get there first?

Now I have all the respect in the world for guys in the Special Forces, but they are just guys who are in good shape, smart, tough, and very mentally strong, they are not by any means professional athletes. I also find it quite ironic that I just shortly before seeing this thread watched Ben Saunders vs Brandon Wolf (ex Navy SEAL) on Spike. Not only did Saunders demolish Wolf in the 1st round, but he also started the fight off with an accidental kick to the groin ha. Also never forget that most Special Ops guys are going to be smaller than even LHWs, they are all about pulling body weight and moving for long distances, that is much harder for big guys.

And I am not even going to start on MMA guys vs Shaolin Monks just . . . come on now . . . really?

"Everybody underestimates the kick in the groin." - Bas Rutten
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