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I missed a day because my left wrist appears to be sparined. The MMA gym was closed anyways. Today I did my last class for a week or so as I'm going to visit some family in Ontario. Unfortunately I'm missing my chance to do Minotauro's seminar as I now have to work tomorrow. I will be watching some BJJ dvds and reading more of Anderson's and Saulo's books over the break. I think I'll try to do a routine of light conditioning over the break. I'm thinking skip 30 minutes in the morning and shadowbox 5 rounds every night. Both are so light that I won't be interfering with giving my joints and tendons a quality break.


Pumelling, guard pass drills, arm bar drill, practiced using the guard type thing to keep their posture broken during an armbar. Also did a standing guard pass. I got this one working but I like Kajan's MMA one better. For advanced class Dave just asked if anyone had any questions before we rolled. I asked for some help protecting from the north south. He basically told me to use the gi to free space and get my arm to the other side effectively keeping them in side control. In no gi I can just forearm across the throat for the same purpose.

Had a bunch of good rolls. In one particular roll the guy had my back and I was finding myself mentally ready to give up. Persevered and ended ended the roll mounted on him. Didn't get subbed but the only subs I got were on much smaller opponents. Arm triangle, 2 armbars, americana.
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