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heres a small .25 from Taurus. again compact, smaller calibur so little recoil, and i think youll dig this gun, CB will too.

if ya got the cash to spend, the Sig Saur P229 is an awesome gun. i have one in a .40 S&W, compact and easy to handle. a 9mm doesnt have the most kick, but it would be more the a .25 probably about the same as a .38 i think. another great thing with the P229 is you can buy conversion kits for 9mm, .40S&W, and the .357sig (this one is basically a .45 case necked down to a 9mm bullet, very high velocity, but air marshals use them as the MOST they will do is go into a second person), so one gun and can swap it out to 3 different caliburs. but these guys are expensive, i got mine real cheap at $650, many other stores i say it at $850 and up, but just a great performing gun, very accurate and low maint. chicago cop friend of mine was trying to get his to jam while he was working in the acadamy. 3 months of daily use at the range and never cleaning it and it was still working perfect.

i can come up with more if ya want.

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