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You would need to stick with at least a 9mm for stopping power. That .25 is just enough to piss someone off when you shoot them. Then they can still com forward and harm you while they are bleeding. Most police have switched to .40 cal for stopping power. Remember, in a situation most people are not going to be too accurate. You need something that has the potential to put someone down, at least long enough for you to escape, if you manage to land a shot in the body mass.

Go to the gun store and HOLD the gun you think you want. You have to be comfortable with it.

I prefer my 9mm because they are cheaper too shoot than other larger calibers. That way I feel comfortable with either one because I have run a couple thousand rounds through both. Being comfortable with your firearm is just as important as stopping power. If you get one, shoot it. A lot. That way you know exactly what to expect on that day that you ahve to pull that trigger.

here is my latest pistol.

Bersa Thunder 9 ultra-Compact, 9mm and nice and small enough to carry concealed. I like this little gun. It is small, but my hands are a little large and they still fit on it comfortably. You can get them for about $370 I believe.

Thanks to Toxic for the Awesome Sig!

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