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Mon 7-6: thai boxing (combination drills up and down the floor, pad work) then 50 min (interval) sparring. The people in my class LOLd when I said to myself, "Don't chase the counterpuncher, don't chase...."
Tue: rested. There's a lot of drilling and smacking in point sparring, believe it or not.
Wed: MMA: 3 2-min. rounds jump rope, pushups, situps, striking sparring (ie 1 person strikes, one person counters) 3 rounds, striking/clinch sparring 3 rounds, grappling sparring 3 rounds. Essentially 1 hour of interval cardio. I feel like I could do more though. Trying to think of a good warmdown for afterward.
Thur: thai boxing: running laps with medicine ball over our head, pushups/V-ups warmup, then mad bag drills. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm drained. It was a fun workout, though.
Fri: MMA/JJ: drills with dell'Arriva (sp?) sweep, elevator sweep, kimura sweep, guard passes, with increasing resistance as directed by the instructor from both parties, then a few full on live rounds. Got swept several times, swept people several times, got choked out once, choked someone out once. I'm sure it's not a news flash, but this stuff is addicting.
Fri. night: 90 min interval drills and sparring.
Sat: rested. sore.
Sun: 3.5 mile run. I took the past week off running. This was a terrible mistake. I was a wreck. I feel like a new person.

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