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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
Whoever neg repped me with "talk about what you know", why dont you take your ignorant self to a news website and look at the circumstances of this guys death. McNair was a sleeze ball. Im not speculating, this is a fact.

neg reps- happen man- don't worry about them as a lot of times it's just petty. McNair had his flaws obviously but if everyone who cheated on their spouse was shot in cold blood while sleeping then the world's population problem would definitely be solved.

What he did was wrong to his wife and children but getting killed in cold blood is too steep a price to pay for being morally flawed IMO.

Everyone has their flaws and sometimes people can learn from them- I dunno what exactly transpired between McNair and this young lady other than he was in the wrong and it was shady but getting shot while asleep seems a harsh payment to pay. In these cases it's always hard to know what exactly happened between the two and what led to the outcome but either way killing someone and then yourself isn't the best way to solve anything nor does it make it justified or a good outcome for the families involved.

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