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An idea for the season rankings, tournaments, ways to determine fighters of the year

Hey all,

Again I'm totally new to this forum thing, and I don't know if any one will read this but I have been sitting around waiting to get started and was thinking about the league and how there was mention of tournaments to come along side the regular weekly league play. I have a some what long idea that I think would be cool and it would set up a way to have good tournaments and a system of ranking players in each weight class and also individual players.

It starts with a points system in ranking. In the rankings thread shows examples of eight players being ranked. Going by this example, the points would work like this weekly. Fighters ranked #1 in their respective divisions would get 8 points towards their league total.

As the tournaments go there would be three.
1) "The Forest Griffin Open" An open style of tournament where every one in each weight division would have an oppertunity to participate in the tournament. The break down would be by division and roster so there would be ten tournaments. The points would go one of two ways here.
*Either each win gets you two points and each loss gets you one point
*The first round win get you 2 points first round loss get you 1 point and the points double for lossess and wins as you advance in rounds

2) "The Matt Hughes Invitational" This tournament would be a smaller selection of the top eight ranked fighters of each weight class seperated by platform roster. The top either would be desided not by the top eight rankings but the top eight point totals by fighters to this point including league and "The Open"
* 10 tournament
* Points
Quarters - winner 2 pts. loser 1 pt., Semis - W- 4 pts. L-2pts., Finals - W- 8 L-4

3) "The Randy Couture Classic" - This would be a joint platform tournament and is special because of it's "Champions League" like feel. This time only five tournaments one per each weightclass.
- The two winners of "The Open" and "The Invitational" automatically qualify
- The top twelve point ranks regarldless of platform are granted addmission.
- Tie breaker can be chosen for point ties in all these tournaments
* Points
1st - W - 2, L - 1; Quater - W - 4, L - 2; Semi - W - 8, L - 4; W - 16; L - 8

After adding up the points from the season as well as the tournaments we can come up with
*Fighters of the year in each weight class in each platform
*Pound for Pound Fighters for each platform
* Players of the year on each platform

Just my idea let me know if any one likes the sound of it
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