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Originally Posted by HaTe
I think UFC is looking for new belt holders. Why and What proof I have to back this up you ask? Well, just look at franklin and hughes. Ever since they lost their belts, there has been no talk for a rematch. Maybe UFC fans were just getting tired of watching these same guys winning over everyone all the time. I think UFC is bringing in a new top fighters for every dvision to take the belts away.

Cro cop

There goes possible 3 new possible future champions. Cro cop can easily win HW, Rampage has allready beaten liddell, so why not the 2nd time? Well the spider is allready the champion. They tried bringing back lil evil (past champion), but he didnt exactly .. well.. win. So what do u guys think? Do you think UFC is bringing in new fighters because they think that will bring in more money because lets face it, how many times is liddell gonna face tito and bablu? its been twice allready.. 3 is a possible no no. I think Rampage and Cro cop will be getting title shots soon like mr silva. Bye bye liddell and Slyvia (THANK GOD).

Actually Hughes and St. Pierre was already Scheduled but it changed after GSP hurt his knee. Hughes got bumped back because Serra earned his shot.
and Rich Franklin gets his rematch after he fights Macdonald, if he wins.
So how can you say no talk of a rematch?
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