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Nothing comes close to the SNES, and nothing ever will.
As games are progressing into more epic, graphically superior sagas, we move farther and farther away from what made everything we play today.

Side scrolling and A+B (generalization) action was the right mix and Nintendo knew this. Their highly successful Wii is proof of using old school simple mechanics through a modern medium. Simplicity made a video game fun.

There are times when I dont want to play Halo online because the people are rude & crass. Or times I dust off a game and play horribly because I forgot what button does what out of the many possible configurations that particular games had to offer.

That doesnt equate to as much fun and when you picked up and just played. You didn't have to wait for loading times, or carry around memory cards, or have an HDTV to play, or need to have the internet. Your friends made the time to come over and you squared off with your favourite fighter when Street Fighter II hit the stores.

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