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John Jitsu
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Originally Posted by samurice
Hey, I agree 100%. But if someone insults me I'm not the type that can just sit back and take it. I'm here to debate, and that's what I do. But if someone is going to start insulting me, I'm going to be giving it back 100% also. I agree I'm immature, but I only made my sig after he abused his mod powers and gave me the title under my name. My previous sig was mocking a PM he sent me after I disagreed with him (with no insults at all, he just felt offended for some reason). Right or wrong, immature or not, I'm going to return fire.
Rush I don't think is the type of guy who would become a moderator and searching his posts I don't think he ever was. But if someone insults me I know it's not real and they are just saying fake gibberish about me. They don't know who I am. So I just ignore them. I also never insult someone unless they make fun of my country, family, you know thats when it gets personal. I don't think your immature, the only time you were immature judging your posts is when you argued with others like this occasion. Yes, I agree this site is open for debating. This forum isn't chatting were you argue with someone, it's were you compare facts about mixed martial arts and debate on mixed martial arts.
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