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Dana knows how most fans feel about Tim. Even Tim knows, that poor bastid. I'm not going to taek any credit away from him. He got there. It was ugly but nobody could silence him. It's only natural to get someone in there with real fire power. AA has it too but the more the merrier

I'd make a safe bet that a chat between Liddell and Dana was a big reason the decision was made to bring in Jackson. I think Liddell has made his mark with the fighters in UFC and wanted to get his rematch with Rampage.

Rampage wanted a rematch with Eastman before fighting anyone else.

Mirko wants to be the beat the best. The 'best' UFC has to offer is Silvia.

It looks like everyone will get their wish except Tim.

Originally Posted by HaTe
Do you think UFC is bringing in new fighters because they think that will bring in more money
Wouldn't that be the point of running this business?

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