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Mon 7-13: 20 min. striking and grappling drills (got there late) 3.5 mile run, MT and sparring at 6.
Tue: 1 hour striking and grappling drills. I help my girl partner with standup, and she helps me with grappling (her brother is a wrestler). A good time is had by all.
Wed: Took my first karate class. The teacher let me wear my TKD rank, which I appreciated. It was kicking drills and pad work, and a lot of stretching.
Thur: 4 mile run, what I thought was going to be MT ended up being grappling, but it was awesome b/c I learned the americana and kimura from the top. I also learned that my escape from mount isn't very good at the moment.
Fri: 2.5 mile run, some bag work. I sucked.
Sat. MMA striking and grappling, followed by karate class which was kicking and self-defense drills. I had chick partners in MMA again so it was a lot of fun.

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