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I have more "knowledge"(those who saw my intro thread will get it) over TKD than Muay Thai, but the brutality of Muay Thai really shocked me while I was practicing TKD.

The brutality I've seen in UFC, Pride, WEC and HDnet had me going, but I couldn't just forget about TKD.

Taekwondo concentrates on self-defense, focus, and confidence. It has been modernized eversince it was born.

Muay Thai is based off of a more ancient style "Muay Boran" and it's techniques build up the body, and it can easily be used to end a fight quickly and efficiently.

My pick is Muay Thai because it is a "Straight Forward" art and it relies on simple yet extremely effective tactics to get your opponent down.

Taekwondo is still an art that I favour..but Muay Thai is more dominant.
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