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General MMA Questions.

A little about myself
I am a 24 year old Greco-Israeli, I joined the IDF when I was 14 and served in a Civil Affairs Airborne Regiment until I moved to the US when I was 17 to join the U.S. Army. I served in the Airborne Rangers, PSYOPS and other things while in the Military.

I left the Army in March of this year to work on my Master's.

Martial Arts Background
Pankration: 20 Years
Krav Maga: 13 Years
Sambo: 8 Years
LINE: 5 Years
Eskrima: 5 Years
MAC: 4 Years
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: 3 Years
MCMAP: 3 Years
RAT: 3 Years

MMA Questions
I cannot find a well designated standardized set of rules concerning MMA Fights.

I have tried watching a few events in an attempt to better understand the nature of MMA but it just causes more questions.

I understand that goal is not to kill or injure your opponent but I watch older MMA videos, (Gracies, Shamrocks, Fedor), where the competitors possessed a knowledge of combat, where the competitors properly utilized the economy of motion during their fights. I no longer see this in Modern MMA, it seems like the sport has been reduced to Boxing with Submission Wrestling thrown in for good measure. Lots of holds with short random bursts but no actual practical fighting no real combat.

Have the rules changed to ban combat maneuvers? I see such disturbingly poor form in 99% of the fighters on television, opening after opening after opening.

I would like compete in a MMA type environment but what happens if I kick someone in the side? I have just ended their MMA career and possibly their life. I throw someone on their back I would most likely do it with enough force to fracture a person’s vertebrae.

I would like participate in MMA or something very similar but I do not want to be limited to a glorified spectator sport.

Any productive comments, criticism or suggestions would be very welcomed.
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