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I will not argue that Pankration as a sport is akin to grown men hugging but none of the Martial Arts or Combat Systems I have been taught or trained in have been tailored towards sports.

My main question is, when you look at the older MMA fighters, Russian MMA and Asian MMA league fighters they use fighting techniques that are no longer in use by "modern" MMA competitors.

I know this is in part due the natural evolution of the sport, all sports evolve but it seems that fighting aspect has been stripped from this particular sport.

I am curious if this is due to regulations, a simple change in styles or a lack of talent/fundamental.

The way human beings have fought has not really changed that much since the first manuals where produced in 2500B.C.

But it seems over the past 10 years or so MMA fighters have and as a sport have stopped using "effective" fighting techniques and have started adapting wrestling more than anything.

I no longer see an effective blend of western and eastern boxing and I am trying to figure out why.

If I enter a MMA event I do not want to be limited to such an extent that all I am doing is preforming for a crowd.
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