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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Trying oh so hard to read 'Feast for Crows' by George R.R Martin. Book 4 of 'Ice and Fire' series.

The first 3 I absolutly sailed through, loving every word. This though... he's cut out many characters (saving them for the next apparently) and added frankly.. quite boring ones in their place.

I can only read one or two chapters at a time with this which is a real shame, I was enjoying the series so much.
Hey, I know this is from 15 days ago, but I have to say that GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire series are my absolute favorite fantasy series. All of them. I am patiently waiting for that last book(s) in the series.

I've been going through and reading all of the supposed top 10 fantasy series. In the past 3 years I have read a lot.

Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb (great series with some of the best character development I've ever read)
Song of Ice and Fire - GRRM (So far, my all time favorite fantasy series)
Belgariad series and Malorean Series - Eddings
Riftwar Saga - Feist
Tried Shannara Series and hated it to no end
Chronicles of Amber and Merlin Series' by Zelazny
Harry Potter - Rowling
Dresden Chronicles - Jim Butcher (Probably my second favorite series. Absolutely a blast to read)
All but the last book of Eragon (meh... not great, not horrible)
Bartimaeus Trilogy - Stroud (actually, pretty damn good. At least I think so )
Sword of Truth Series - Goodkind (great until about book 7... it just got boring/dumb)
Coldfire Trilogy - C.S. Friedman (Great Great series. The characters really grabbed me for some reason)

Currently reading The Wheel of Time series and I'm liking it a lot.

Also currently picking at Forrest's book "Got Fight?" and Randy's book "Becoming the Natural". Forrest's book is absolutely hilarious.

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