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I'm not an advocate for steroids not do i take or have ever taken them... but please know the facts before you everyone starts making false claims. Steroids don't give you roid rage... they do however magnify your personality so if you are already an angry person you will just be a big angry person. They do shrink your testicles but those go back when you stop and your body starts producing at its natural testosterone level. Protein don't make your muscles big, in fact no supplement alone, including steroids, will make you big you must have complete health. Workout, food and sleep.

My recommendations: Pre-workout including creatine and an NO. Squats and deadlifts every week which are the only two workouts proven to release testosterone. post workout that includes glutamine. Whey after your workout and caseine before you go to sleep. And like mentioned earlier cardio and a low fat diet.

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