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i think you'll notice a lot of ufc fights are to be able to better market a fighter. with the tuf guys, theyve got fighters who a lot of people will recognise, and cheer for. if they were to put these fighters immediatly against better fighters, then casual fans might not follow the ufc as much as it would be too confusing for them to know who to cheer for. thats a dumbed down version, but the point is still there. reasons why liddell has fought wrestlers and rematches? money, marketing, money. the shamrock/ortiz "fued" did nothing but make both men rich, if anyone here actually thought old ass ken had any chance you need to give your head a shake. so back to the rashad topic, if he ko's a bunch of guys, or even just wins 10 fights in a row, imagine how much easier it would be to sell a big name fight with him in it? (que announcers voice)"Ortiz who's only loss in 6 fights was to liddell, Evans who's unbeaten in the ufc" (now show highlight reel making people say oooh ahh) poof youve got people paying to watch the fight.
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