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Originally Posted by Hollywood6655
Easy answer.......just drop down to one knee.....everyone knows that

I went to a school that taught a bunch of different self defense techniques all in one class. I did it for nine years. They called it Tae Kwon Do but it was so much more. We had kickboxing, judo, Hapkido, JKD also. The TKD was the least effective in a street fight. The only thing TKD helps you with is it teaches you the correct way to punch and kick so that it causes a lot of damage no matter how small or weak you are. It also helps with reflexes but so does every other MA. I found that the Hapkido and JKD were the most effective in street fights. After 9 years of that stuff I can anticipate a punch before it comes and I have fast enough reflexes to deflect it and submit the opponent right away using joint manipulation much like the guy in the video. He is a little better than me though . All that stuff you saw in the video does work very well in street fights, I know from experience. I have been in 3 street fights and all 3 of them ended withing the first 2 minutes because I had my opponent's arms or wrists in a position to where I could break them if I wanted. One guy said "ok ok I give up dude" so I let him go, then he threw a punch at me again when my guard was down. I deflected it just like I did the first time (which is how I know I have good reflexes) and flipped him over my shoulder and when he landed he was already in a position to get his arm broken. I am 5'8'' and like 140 lbs and this guy was at least 6 foot and at least 190 pounds. I didn't think I was gonna execute the throw correctly at first, cuz I have never used it in a street fight before, but it worked out good for me and I gave his arm a good crank and punched him in the nose. He was the only guy I have ever had the chance to get a punch in on in a street fight. All the others were over basically as soon as they took a swing at me. I credit all my MA training to those 3 successful and quick street fights.
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