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Originally Posted by Zapatista
I think it all depends on where you are. If you're in a crowded area I think (for legal reasons) grappling is better. If you're alone with the person in a dark alley, then standing up is the way to go.

The reason I think grappling is better in situations with more people around is simple, if people can identify then there can be criminal charges against you. If you stand and strike with an attacker, you may get "caught in the moment" or for whatever reason take it a step to far and throw a punch or kick that was "unneccesary" in your defense. Now with a crowd as a witness the attacker can go ahead and get assualt charges on you and you get screwed (it's happened before). If you grapple, you either choke the attacker into unconciousness and get away or you break the limb (or small joints if you're used to non-sport grappling) and you make your get away. All your doing is disabling the attacker from being able to do more damage to you. You aren't taking it too far. The problem comes like mrmyz said, the non "killer instinct" and not extending to break the limb/tendon in your submissions.
Ok.. lets say the fight goes to the ground, and the other guy is on top of you, you go for a submission..
What do you think hes friends will do when they see you choke him out?
they will most likely stomp you in the head over and over again.. well then your ****ed
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