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HBO will coem around. Think about, all of the guys up there have done boxing for 50 years. How would you feel if you were fifty and somebody told you "Hey that thing you've done all your life, well it blows now. Here's something better."

They don't get it, and they won't for awhile. Like I said before, Jim Lampley was always outspoken about MMA, and I liked Jim as a commentator. But he said something along the lines of "It's too brutal, bloody, vicious dog fights." The guy who is always crying on about the heart and soul of the warrior persevering through this and that, you'd think he would have given it a shot.

For those of you complaining about UFC Salaries, this is the first step in the right direction. The UFC Has WAY WAY WAY less to worry about, (and pay for) having an HBO produced PPV. HBO does all the upfront stuff instead of Zuffa on their own.

All I gotta say is if Lampley, Larry Merchant ESPECIALLY, or Max stupid ass Kellerman have anything to do with these shows, I say we all boycott. And if I see anything on real sports with Bryant Gumbel's arrogant crap about UFC IS SO BRUTAL, then I would give up on this endeavor.

These guys are all a part of a sport that there is a documented library of hundreds and hundreds of deaths. To which for MMA there is what, one? In an unsanctioned event? Not to mention until recently has MMA even been regulated, so it's first what, 10 years of history was way more dangerous than it is today?

They'll see. But until they do, they're going to be haters because someone is telling them "Hey that Kool-Aid ain't so sweet anymore, get on this Juicy Juice shit!"
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