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Originally Posted by Heggi
Ok.. lets say the fight goes to the ground, and the other guy is on top of you, you go for a submission..
What do you think hes friends will do when they see you choke him out?
they will most likely stomp you in the head over and over again.. well then your ****ed
I'd try to defend the grappling side of self-defense more but I really can't for two reasons: 1.) I haven't trained in it and have never been in a fight where I've used it and 2.) until recently I was like you and didn't think grappling was the way to go but people on a message board convinced me (but they banned me from the message board because of my political stance) so I can't get any more ideas from them.

I think that grappling has it benefits in self-defense (and so does striking) so it isn't a black and white thing where only striking works or only grappling work, which is why I suggested the original poster take Hapkido because they teach some grappling and joint manipulations along with chokes, throws and striking.
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