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Krav is excellent for self defense very brutal has no other applications then doing serios damage to some with as little effort as possile.. if you are looking for strict self defense do the Krav 1st then add something else to it if you want "More style"
As for JKD.. it is very hard to find real JKD teachers and places for teh simple fact bruce only allowed very few select people to teach it and they all had the understanding.. IT WAS NOT COMPLETE. Brue Lee the ever perfectionist was constantly changing and adapting what he knew to make it more effiecent and effective. JKD was designed to be quick and effective in a REAL fight.. it was never intented to be used in competitions hence not many JKD people do well in Martial arts competitions including MMA, though the mental aspects of JKD such as learing on to think on your feet and change instantly with the situation are very good.. as stated.. not many qualified experts out there to teach it.. regardless of what the shingle on the door says.. TO give you an Idea.. Kareem Abdual, Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace all trained with Bruce.. among other big names.. None walking around claiming to be able to teach it because they all knew bruce was not done with it.. There was still alot to go.. but if you do find one of the few qualified people, it is a good art to take.

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