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First day with our new boxing coach. Started with a bunch of skipping with bursts of high intensity. Then I warm up shuffling to the sides then shadowboxing forwards and backwards. Then everyone split off and did their own thing. I hit the bag a bit, then worked combos with a partner.


Technique was a greasy wrestler choke involving pushing their head down, cupping under their neck then basically rolling your wrist into their throat. Also was an escape from a loose guillotine, jumping into side control, and then basically doing a sort of arm triangle that you can submit them with. Learned a few others. I had a mediocre day in rolling. Things seem to have come full circle and I'm now much better in a Gi than I am in a no Gi. Strangeness. Then I did a few rounds of standup with Darwin. Had some good sparring, about even.

I was presented with a unique little opportunity today. This Saturday there's a Pow Wow at our local arena that our gym is doing a little demo for. Darwin asked me if I was free to come and spar him for a few rounds to show them a bit of what we do. So I'm going to do it, it'll be a good experience as far as performing in front of a crowd...this arena is bigger than anything that the local MMA shows are held in. Looking forward to it! I'm going to get my girl to bring her camera, and take some photos. I'm always 95% sure that she has video on it I'll be able to post that.

Only downsides are I was hoping to get really drunk tomorrow but now I'll be going pretty light. I'll also miss BJJ class on Saturday.

Planning on taking tomorrow off, and I'll do a few rounds of shadowboxing before the sparring that afternoon.
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