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Originally Posted by BHShaman
That's right HBO. Keep associating yourself to fighters from 20, 30, 40 years ago. Spike will get that free spending 18-44yo market while you guys keep trying to run commercials for Crown Vics and showing softcore porn after 1am to keep those late night elderly happy.
That was a quote from the former HBO sports chairman(or whatever). The current head of HBO sports does'nt like MMA either. It is the Top Dog at HBO that is making this happen.

HBO is the best network on TV ever. with or without the UFC. They have the best original shows, play great movies, awousome stand up comedy and they have some sick documanteries ex(The Smashing Machine). They are always a step ahead of the pack. The UFC is icing on the cake, I knew it was just a matter of time. Their Boxinf franchise is losing fans.

I have been an HBO subscriber for 20 years, it still and will always be my favorite channel. So don't talk like HBO is some crusty old network who's target audiance is 60 and up. Shell out the cash and u will understand what I am talking about.
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