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Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
I take NO Xplode...
Creatine helps in the repair of muscle fiber and makes your muscles hold water you may have a little bloated feeling from this. Creatine is the hands down the most studied supplement on the market today, due to rumors of kidney and liver damage. To have this type of side effect you would have to ingest more than your body would let you over a period of time (i mean a lot.)

Caps vs powder: The difference is the absorbancy rating powders that are dissolved are always going to absorb more into your body than caps and are going to work faster as well, if you can get pre mixed that has already broken down it will be the best but the cost would go up significantly. a lot of the supplements that people ingest are filtered through the kidneys or liver and flushed out of the body.

Going off: There are no side effects to coming off creatine. However your body takes a little while to get used to something new this is why NO Xplode and NO Shotgun recommend that you start with a small dose and work up to it (they also have other properties that factor in.) The same sould be used when coming off anything, just taper off (in this case maybe over a couple days) this way it is not as jarring to your muscles and you will not hinder any results. I recommend a 6 week cycle to help keep from a plateau effect.

I order form
i thought NO explode and NO shotgun were nitric oxide supplements?? is there a difference between that and creatine?
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