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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
N.O Shotgun......its a type of Creatine:

Wrong. No shotgun is a pre workout product meant for giving you that boost before workouts. It contains stimulants AS WELL as creatine, protein, and extras. It's main job is not to serve as a creatine supplement however, there may be enough creatine in it but we are not sure as it is a proprietary blend. No xplode is also another product, pricey too, it contains creatine and stimulants primarily. It also contains the potentially dangerous neuro toxin known as glycocyamine or gcc, use at your own disgression.

Preworkout products are extras and are meant to give you a pump. They are not at all necessary and does not take priority over protein, creatine, multi, fish oil, diet, and proper training. When using creatine be sure to drink plenty of water as you need it so it can work at it's best. Creatine is safe and proven to have positive effects on the body including lowering cholesterol, better brain function, etc.
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