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I'm not trying to antagonise. I'll get specific if you want.

-All of yours actually look really good
-Very nice colouring and shading on the birds, and the lion and Marley ones really look awesome.

-The lines on your Nintendo one aren't even straight and looking at it I don't think I could tell that it was a controller (is it?)
-I can't tell what your skull-with-horns one is. The face is totally indistinguishable and the colouring is ambiguous.
-I don't really mind the "I love you" one
-I have problems with people getting Japanese symbols, but this one isn't even well done, you have to shade it or something or else it just looks like random boxes.
-The Samurai one is the worst. Whoever did it really needs to learn how to shade. It just looks like some giant black blotch.

-The dragon is well done, but the skull looks over-sized and out of place. Why is there an enflamed skull on a dragon? Also, the whole "flaming skull" thing seems really cheesy and cliche (sorry cbf with accent).
-Also, *sigh* at the over-done japanese symbol on your arm

-Dragons should be done big, that thing looks really skinny and more like some sort of snake/lizard.
-Those flames (I think they're meant to be flames) also look really bad and poorly done.

-Besides the over-done to death Japanese symbol, yours aren't that bad.
-The first dragon doesn't look ferocious at all, and looks rather 'cartoony' see coldcall's dragon...that one looks good.
-Second dragon looks much better than the 1st
-The Graffiti looks fine but the writing seems messy.

So yeah, I wasn't just trying to start an argument. This thread is about comment on people's tatoo's and that is what I'm doing. I don't have to like everyone's tats.

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This is by far the easiest and safest pick of the year in mma.
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Nog's only chance is one of his miracle submissions, after taking a beating the entire fight.
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But its not gay if you watch it with a hot chik.

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