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Originally Posted by Biowza View Post
I'm not trying to antagonise. I'll get specific if you want.

-The dragon is well done, but the skull looks over-sized and out of place. Why is there an enflamed skull on a dragon? Also, the whole "flaming skull" thing seems really cheesy and cliche (sorry cbf with accent).
-Also, *sigh* at the over-done japanese symbol on your arm

So yeah, I wasn't just trying to start an argument. This thread is about comment on people's tatoo's and that is what I'm doing. I don't have to like everyone's tats.

LOL...your not trying to atagonize....Funny your doing well......The skull is actually a reaper and it was there before the dragon(which is only half way done) dont critique the cuisine untill its the way Flames are totally supposed to be on a Dragon......,japa...on-tattoo.html

Oriental myth, the dragon could not be more opposite to its Western counterpart. Dragons in Oriental art do not have WINGS nor do they necessarily breathe fire, although FLAMES erupt from their limbs.

The Dragon wraps through the skull and the Japanese symbol on my arm stands for Loyalty......

You no like....HOLD please while i go get mop to dry my tears....BOO HOO, you must be a really negative person to hate on every person who posted's ink.....


Are you going to bless us with your art or just shit on ours all day

Dont be shy to show us your pony tattoo
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