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Originally Posted by Submission King View Post
Around 6 months ago I got in to MMA and fitness and I really want to get better at both I know theres alot of threads asking for help but for anybodys advice I'll be gratefull
1)What workouts besides crunches work really good on my mid-section
2)My pecs are not growing anymore I do pushups and bench all the time advice?
3)Wich cardio exercise works best Swimming Hard bag or Running
4)Do I really need to get serious about diet (17 years old)I eat junk all the time...
5)What music do you play while working out (need better music)lol

Help please..
1. Squats keeping your core tight or decline crunches
2. Look up a strength program. Strength correlates to mass in most cases.
3. Swimming
4. Diet reveals the hard work you do lifting. If you ever want to have your 'ideal' body then yes, diet.
5. The Offspring, Disturbed, Sick Puppies
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