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You need to RUN, eat HEALTHY, and lift weights....when you are running, try doing the walk-jog-run method, i do that a lot and it helps a ton...i will usually do a couple miles like that...start out walking for about 20 yards, then jog 40, then run 60...that way you are letting yourself rest a little but still working on your will look forward to the 20 yard walk a lot which in turn makes you run faster and harder so u get there...eating healthy will just clean your system and make u feel better so that you actually FEEL like running, and lifting weights is always good especially doing leg workouts to help build the muscles in your legs so that the running doesnt bother you...also if you have a pool or know where the local ymca is or something get into that, swimming is the BEST cardio workout...Biking isnt bad either..there are many options!!

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