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Cool The Crusher's road to the ring

Hey everyone I am Going to try to keep a log on here of my training as I get ready for the Bando Nationals. The Bando Nationals (pronounced Bondo) is a kickboxing tournament held in Columbus Ohio annually. It is multiple fights in one day for your class. So I could potentially have 12 fights.

What I need to do to get ready other than training my technique is as follows:

1. Drop from 215 lbs to at least 185 lbs
2. Up my cardio
3. Continue to work on conditioning
4. Keep progressing my technique at my current rate

I am very fortunate to have a great family of coaches and training partners that really go above and beyond. More importantly they give me something that I did not have growing up and that is support. They stand behind us and push us to better ourselves.

My training team includes:

John Powell Retired Sgt.-Major (1976), U.S. Army - Special Forces / Green Beret
Combat experience in "Viet Nam" and other "special" conflicts.
More than 50 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Judo, 7th Degree Black Belt
Jujitsu, 6th Degree Black Belt, trained in Korea and the "Kodokan" in Japan.
Member of the first "Hall of Fame" class in Judo of the U.S. Martial Arts Association.
Extensive Military Combatives and more ...
Certified physical education teacher and personal trainer.
Extensive work with Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

Jose Connors More than 25 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Arnis-Escrima), Muay Thai Boxing, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Burmese Bando, JKD, Jujitsu, Kenpo and more...
Min Zin, Dhandha and Longe Yoga
Judge for the Ohio Athletic Commission for MMA / Kickboxing.
Extensive work with Law enforcement personnel.
Extensive work with youth with ADD / ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and "At Risk" youth.

Wesley Gassaway More than 20 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Judo, Jujitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Karate and more...
3 time Professional MMA World Champion (World Pankration Championships 2 , International Fighting Championship 3 & 4)
Extensive experience as a Law Enforcement officer.

Alex Porter Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Arnis-Escrima), Muay Thai Boxing, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Burmese Bando, JKD, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Wing Chun and more..

Curtis Sweat former fighter and law enforcement officer. This is my main coach that took me under his wing and is working as my personal trainer. Although I do train under all of the coaches.

My main training partners:

Issiah Burch My main training partner and also my nutritionist. 14 years professional body building. Has also been featured on the cover of Mens Health and Muscle Fitness magazines.

Justin Clevinger My brother who is also training for the Bando. He has less experience and is smaller but we work well together, both stand up and grappling.

James ??? Grappling/submission training partner. Very controlled tactitioner.

I am going to start this from today moving forward. So on with the show...

Nutrition (1st week only):

meal 1
1 cup whole grain oatmeal or 2 whole grain waffles/pancakes with 2 whole eggs and 4-6 egg whites (cooked). This is when I take my vitapak.

meal 2,3,4,5
Lean meat 4-6oz with 1 cup brown rice, steamed green veggie.
For this I make a stir fry with chicken, brown rice, broccoli, egg whites. NO SOY SAUCE! instead use Bragg liquid Amino. Tastes just like it and can be found in the health food section at Kroger.
Or I will grill a 4-6oz chicken breast on the Forman w/ 1 cup brown rice and steamed green veggie.

Meal 6
NO CARBS!!! I try to limit red meat but am allowed a lean grilled 6oz steak or I'll just do grilled chicken or plain Albacore tuna along with 2 whole eggs and 4-6 eggwhites (cooked) this meal is between 1-2hrs before bedtime.

Post workout:
A bannana immediately and 5min. later a protein shake(44g) mixed in whole milk.

Throughout every day I drink at least 1 gallon of water.

**This nutrition plan is specific to myself and is only for the 1st week. Next week I will post the new nutrition plan.**

07/29/2009 training:
Today was a light day. We started off with the usual.
15 min. stretching
3 min. jumprope
(this is where we would normally do bag drills)
20x pushups
10x 6count pushups
20x medicine ball passover crunches
(2)15x pullups

Then down and back footwork and striking drills and some shadow boxing.

To wrap up my training partner and I got a homework assignment to work on over the next weeks, which we practiced.

60 Thai kicks and 40 knees in 3 min. for 3 rounds. We each did one round to Thai pads while circling. I went 1st and finished in about 1min 30sec. I wasn't completely gassed but I should have paced myself more. This is to get us pacing ourselves.

stretches and breathing exercises

Usually I stay after and do some rolling or sparring or mitt work but today everyone had obligations. Oh well might hit the BJJ or Muay Thai sessions tonight.
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