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Awesome workout today!!! Had a lot of energy!
07/31/2009 workout:
Showed up 1 hr early:
Stretched out
Worked mits back and forth w/ coach Alex Porter for 1hr till the rest of class showed.

back to regualar warmup:
3min jump rope
alternating heavy bag drills
-3x 15 sec punch combos
-3x 15 sec knees
-3x Thai kicks
down and back knee drill
down and back ball foot change knee drill
Thai sheild (kick block) drill
body weight squat lead changed 3x then jump

combo work 1: (16oz gloves)
feed- thai kick, jab, cross, thai kick, hook
defend- kick block, perry/pass, perry/pass, kick block, high cover

combo work 2: (16oz gloves)
feed- thai kick
counter- foot jab, cross

Then coach and I did some hardcore mitwork while class did "10's" strikes, covers, counters, etc.
Then I did 10's: alternating leads
10 thai kicks given to partner and received by partner
10 opposite leads
10 inside leg kicks (same as prev)
10 opposite leads

end of class...

I stuck around to go over my next weeks nutrition and went on to work the mits for some new students at open gym for about 1hr.

Next week nutrition:this will alternate w/ week 1 nutrition

Meal 1
1/2-3/4 cup (dry measure) oatmeal cooked w/ 1 Tblspn all natural peanut butter (stevia to sweeten opt),
3-4 whole eggs scrambled
2 pineapple rings

Meal 2
Protein shake(low carb) mixed w/ water and a hefty squirt of flexseed oil

Meal 3
8oz lean protein
1 sweet potato (Stevia and cinnamon to sweeten opt)
1 bowl leaf spinach w/ 2-3 tblspn of olive oil or olive oil based vinegrette, and lemon juice if wanted, etc)
10 cashews or almonds (unsalted)( I can't do almonds, almost ruined hockey for me... long story)

Meal 4
Protein shake mixed w/ water and hefty squirt of flaxseed oil

Meal 5
8oz lean protein
green veggies (broccoli is recommended but any green veggies steamed, raw, grilled)as much as you want
10 cashews or almonds (unsalted)

Meal 6 (optional meal) No carbs!!!
repeat meal 5 or substitute for 1 cup of cottage cheese

Suplements (on top of vita pak)
10-20 BCAA (branch chain amino acids)
2/day CLA
4/day L-Carnatine

* Stevia can be used as a sweetner for anything
**anytime you get cravings or are still hungry you can eat spinach as described as a filler.

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